Full Stack Provisioning

Eliminate the wait and empower teams to provision their own environments on dynamic resources

Delivering better software faster means performing QA quickly and ensuring environment fidelity across all stages of the application lifecycle. Manual, email- or ticket-based provisioning requests slows down the provisioning workflow and increases cycle time. QA and IT Ops teams want to provision and tear-down appropriate environments on-demand.

Bottleneck Infographic

Before CloudBees

  • Manual, error-prone server provisioning and application deployments cause friction and slow down delivery.
  • QA uses “shadow IT” methods to spool up environments on public clouds like Amazon or Azure. These environments are unmanaged, insecure, and are not de-provisioned, incurring costs.
  • QA uses ad-hoc deployment scripts and “whatever hardware they can find” to prop up testing environments which don’t match production.

With CloudBees

  • Automated provisioning and application deployments eliminates errors and reduces risk, providing predictability at speed.
  • Secure, self-service access to application environments and deployments with automated tear-down allows QA teams to increase their pace and conform to IT standards.
  • Process and environment fidelity and shared visibility into the end-to-end process gives IT confidence.

Learn how CloudBees Flow enables you to eliminate ShadowIT and waiting on machines to become available!

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