Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery for Software-Intensive Product Development

Accelerate product release, 
and enable early product validation 
and automated, system-level integration.

With proven solutions covering the end-to-end spectrum of mechatronics product development, CloudBees and selected partners are uniquely positioned to help R&D organizations tackle the challenges of delivering system-level integrated products faster, with higher quality.

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Navigating Continuous Delivery Complexities

In the complex intersection of mechanical, electrical, electronics and software engineering, CloudBees enables Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery, providing the foundation for next-generation accelerated product delivery.

As product development becomes more and more concurrent across domains, lack of federation, integration and visibility across these separate development functions causes quality and productivity issues. A major part of this problem is due to the fact that these different domains of product development are typically managed and controlled in completely separate and isolated systems, commonly referred to as PLM, ALM and Continuous Delivery/DevOps.

CloudBees is a Siemens PLM Solutions Partner

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As the foundation for next-generation software-intensive product development, Multi-Domain Continuous Delivery enables:

  • End-to-end Visibility – by seamlessly integrating data of all product components into single BOM
  • Accelerated Delivery – by reducing Design-to-Deliver cycles across hardware and software teams
  • Scale and Quality – by integrating and testing earlier and more often through cloud infrastructure
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Realize a fully integrated end-to-end environment

Tightly integrate ALM, PLM and Continuous Delivery/DevOps systems to provide end-to-end visibility and traceability across Product Engineering domains.

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Accelerate build and test times to shorten cycles and reduce recalls

Dramatically shorten lead-times for software builds and tests to gain increased quality assurance cycles before release. Ensure you have enough time to develop the next key differentiating feature.

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Integrate and validate early and often

With today’s market pressure to reduce time-to-market while not allowing for any discrepancy in quality standards, it is becoming crucially important for product development organizations to integrate and validate their products as early and as often as possible in their development cycles. By automating and orchestrating state-of-the-art validation tool-chain you enable early and frequent product validation and end-to-end Quality Assurance process.

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