Internet of Things

The devices and services that power our connected experience

Imagine a world where billions of objects can sense, communicate and share information. These interconnected objects have data regularly collected, analysed and used to initiate action, providing a wealth of intelligence for planning, management and decision making.

This is the world of the Internet of Things (IOT).

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Building a better Internet of Things

Creating highly integrated embedded devices and backend services requires coordination, orchestration and a maniacal focus on seamless system-level integration. A world of IOT requires that quality is baked into the development process to ensure devices and services work together efficiently.

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Can you iterate quickly and give your developers feedback on new features or bug fixes?

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Can you adequately test your end-to-end system as often as you’d like?

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Can you coordinate updates to your backend service with delivery of new firmware to your devices?


Get blindingly fast software builds and tests with CloudBees Accelerator, and orchestrate end-to-end software pipelines, tools, and infrastructure with CloudBees Flow. Cloud Bees delivers enterprise-grade scalability and security for geographically separated teams, along with visibility and real-time filtered data to address compliance and standards audits.

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Director of Engineering, GE Energy

Deploy back-end services on-demand

As release candidates flow through your software pipeline, CloudBees allows push-button deployments into increasingly production-like environments. In this way, errors are caught quickly and feedback is routed back to the appropriate team member for follow up before end-users are impacted.CloudBees Flow

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Parallelize builds and tests to improve resource utilization

Increase software development resource utilization and reduce the wait time of developers and testers with automated provisioning and parallel task execution. Dramatically shorten lead-times for software builds and tests to gain increased quality assurance cycles before release. Your developers and customers will thank you for it.

Gain visibility and compliance with Software Standards

Using CloudBees Flow, you get a single pane of glass to view all parts of the software development process. This allows you to generate reports to prove compliance more easily.  CloudBees also integrates with static analysis tools supporting MISRA C, MISRA C 2004, and MISRA C++ 2008 standards.CloudBees Flow

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