DevOps Orchestration

Reduce costs and improve productivity and predictability by standardizing Dev and Ops toolchains

DevOps teams like to move fast, and ship frequently. Individual teams often depend on (and are sometimes fiercely loyal to) a unique, curated toolchain to help them get things done. But many organizations want to consolidate tools to gain economies of scale and allow cross-team sharing. How can they orchestrate all of these tools in an efficient, auditable way. CloudBees can help.

DevOps Orchestration usecase infographic

Before CloudBees

  • Each team uses its own tool to accomplish some desired outcome
  • Output from each tool is locked in a silo and not shared with other teams
  • Different, overlapping tools means expensive license costs and no sharing of best practices

With CloudBees

  • All teams leverage centralized automation that abstracts away tool complexity while still helping them accomplish the desired outcome
  • All tool output is visible to all teams, providing process traceability and auditability
  • Centralized tool orchestration provides opportunities to eliminate overlapping, expensive tools while maintaining service levels

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