DevOps Insight

Unprecedented Visibility and Control

As the frequency, volume and complexity of application releases increases, teams struggle to collect and report on metrics from the myriad of DevOps tools, environments and processes involved. Understanding the status of individual features or stories in a release requires manual scraping of data from various tools, and error-prone spreadsheet analysis to accurately map data points back to their pipeline stages.   CloudBees can help.

At-a-Glance View of the Health of Your Releases

Understand and manage the business with a comprehensive new way to plan, schedule, and track pipelines, releases, and deployments with DevOps Insight.

release command center snapshot

Release Command Center Dashboard

Get a bird’s eye view of release status, milestone dates, dependencies, pending approvals, test results, progress, environments and teams involved.

Releases Dashboard

Measure and track status, efficiency and risk for pipelines and releases.

Releases Dashboard<br />

Deployment Dashboard<br />

Deployment Dashboard

Gain a real-time and historical view into deployment success/failure, frequency, throughput, and duration.

Microservices Dashboard

View key metrics specific to microservices deployments including insight into deployment throughput, success rates, cluster utilization, and more.

Microservices Dashboard screenshot

Automatic Data Collection screenshot

Automatic Data Collection

Collect and review release-relevant metrics from any tool in the DevOps toolchain without requiring manual scraping or spreadsheet analysis.

Customizable Reporting

Extensible reporting object model enables analytics on any DevOps KPIs

Customizable Reporting screenshot

Planned vs. Actual Reporting screenshot

Planned vs. Actual Reporting

Track progress and identify bottlenecks with planned vs actual views and details on automated and manual activities, including waiting time

Audit and Compliance Reporting

Automatic auditing of every action and built-in compliance checks for every pipeline run helps to simplify governance.

Audit and Compliance Reporting screenshot

Environment Inventory and Comparison screenshot

Environment Inventory and Comparison

Visibility into what is deployed to each environment, with granularity down to the artifact versions on each individual resource, makes it easy to identify drift between environments.

Job Tracking

Patented functionality gathers detailed data from all automated actions: comments by users, approval history, standard output from all the 3rd party tools, and more.

Job Tracking screenshot

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