Continuous Integration (CI) Automation and Acceleration

Shared control, visibility and acceleration for complex build and test pipelines

Delivering better software faster starts with productive developers who receive fast feedback. But long build times and complex manual processes kill productivity and increase cycle time. Organizations want to adopt Continuous Integration to allow small check-ins to be verified by automated builds and tests so teams can detect problems early.  CloudBees can help.

Continuous Integration Automation and Acceleration infographic

Before CloudBees

  • Slow builds and tests, combine with broken builds, leads to wasted time and effort.
  • Complex, error-prone manual processes introduce risk and unpredictability, and divert attention away from coding.
  • Every team has their own non-standard non-compliant and standalone build processes.
  • Teams run their own build infrastructure means there is low utilization and no sharing of expensive hardware resources.

With CloudBees

  • Fast, accurate builds and tests accelerate the CI process and eliminate the need for re-work (CloudBees Accelerator).
  • Automated processes eliminate errors and manual handoffs, delivering feedback faster.
  • Centralized, secure control of the build environment and allows standardized configuration and best-practice process definitions.
  • CloudBees Flow allows resource pooling to provide scale-out access to keep utilization high and costs low.

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