CloudBees Flow 8.5: What's New!

We’re excited to announce CloudBees Flow 8.5, the latest release of the de facto standard Adaptive Release Orchestration solution. It’s full of new features and product updates to help you simplify and get better visibility into your software releases and delivery pipelines.

In this live webinar, Tuesday, November 13, 2018, at 10AM Pacific, we will demonstrate how to do DevOps your way with the new features in CloudBees Flow 8.5 including:

  • A Kanban Board view, an intuitive and powerful new way to see entire releases, with all stages and tasks, in one easy to review screen.
  • Tagging on all objects provides enhanced reporting, including programmatic queries and searches.
  • CI Dashboarding to track and analyze Build processes, failures, and successes to replace extensive custom coding with Hygeia.
  • DevOps Foresight uses your own data and machine learning to identify patterns, predict the risk in your releases, and make recommendations on how to reduce that risk.
  • A SaaS deployment option to make CloudBees Flow the simplest, most powerful release management as-a-service solution yet!

CloudBees Flow 8.5 - DevOps Your Way

Watch the Webinar