The Ten Commandments of Continuous Delivery

Everyone wants to implement continuous delivery. After all, the benefits are too big to be ignored. You can:

  • Increase the speed of delivery
  • Increase software quality
  • Decrease costs
  • Free people to dedicate time to activities that return value

If a tech geek can articulate the benefits continuous delivery brings to the table, when one asks a business representative for a budget, the response is almost always “Yes! Do it.”

The project starts and, shortly afterward, you hit the first obstacle. But, you are brave and do not give up easily, so you pass it. Then, not long afterward, another obstacle comes along and another half a year later you feel that you are not getting far. You spent your budget. You need to show results. The CTO demands results. The business wants value for the investment. You decide to do the only sensible thing and declare that the project is finished. You are continuous delivery certified even though there is nothing continuous nor are you delivering.

Why did your attempt to implement continuous delivery fail? There is not one answer that fits all scenarios. However, some prerequisites and steps should be taken up-front. The chances are that you missed some, if not all, of the commandments that we’ll explore in this session.

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