How to Really Achieve DevOps Transformation

While the DevOps bandwagon has been rolling for some time, getting a clear perspective on how to practically deliver DevOps transformation is far from easy. In this webinar, we aim to change that. You will hear from leading experts and practitioners that will bring reality to the theory of DevOps and lay out a clear pathway to DevOps success.

Hear from leading experts from Forrester, CloudBees, Infostretch and Perfecto as they describe the proven best practices that will boost your application delivery speed and quality. By the end of this session, you will know how to:

  • Build a strong foundation and clear roadmap for DevOps
  • Jumpstart your DevOps initiatives
  • Embrace automation acros mobile, web, and IoT
  • Use the leading tools and frameworks to improve software quality
  • Reduce cycle times to reach market faster

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