CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution

Harness the power of Cloud Native CI/CD on Kubernetes

Stable, predictable releases

Every release comes battle tested and fully vetted by the Jenkins X-perts to make your life easier

Smart configurations upfront

We’ve chosen the parts of Jenkins X that work best together to save you time

Stress free Kubernetes

Everything you need to leverage Kubernetes comes ready to go out of the box so you can focus energy developing on Kubernetes.



Google Cloud via GKE

Git Providers


Spring, Maven, Gradle, Go and Node

Pipeline Execution

Jenkins X Pipelines


Vault Integration

Head over to CloudBees Jenkins X Docs to see which specific Jenkins X features are supported as part of the CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution, and which will be added later on.


Official documentation for your end-to-end CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution experience

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Using our distribution is the easiest way to get CloudBees support for Jenkins X. Make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong or you need advice on best practices with CloudBees Jenkins X Support.

CloudBees is home to the creators of Jenkins X and major contributors within the community helping to shape the future of the Jenkins X and its ecosystem.

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More Improvements Coming Soon!

CloudBees Jenkins X Distribution will evolve as quickly as Jenkins X - but with stability at the forefront. Stay tuned for more features and functionality in future releases:

Enhanced user experience and UI

Additional supported cloud providers

And more...

Devpod support