CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

Jenkins tailored for you.

Easy Setup

Get up and running quickly with no manual intervention needed. Download, install and start building cool applications in the blink of an eye.

Increased Stability

Provide development teams with a highly dependable, secure, Jenkins environment curated from the most recent supported Jenkins release.

Smooth Upgrades

Wave goodbye to failed Jenkins upgrades and say hello to a seamless upgrade experience, verified by CloudBees.

Jenkins Health Advisor by CloudBees

  • Keeps an eye out for potential issues and makes recommendations for your Jenkins, all free from CloudBees, the Jenkins experts. Comes installed by default.

CloudBees Assurance Program

  • Lists the set of plugins, plugin versions and plugin dependencies that CloudBees has tested for compatibility and security.

Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant

  • Administrative dashboard that works in parallel with the CloudBees Assurance Program to provide a centralized view of the monitored Jenkins plugins, recommended actions, and configuration options available.

Installation & Migration Guides

Whether you’re looking to migrate from open source or you’re an existing CloudBees Jenkins Team subscriber, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step migration guides. Click below and get started today!

How to Install CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

Get it Now

Using Jenkins? Easily upgrade your Jenkins installation to CloudBees Jenkins Distribution. We’ve put together some handy content just for you. Make sure you read it before going through the installation.

If you’re using CloudBees Jenkins Team, we’ve got you covered too.

Installing for the very first time? Welcome! Here’s how to get up and running quickly with CloudBees Jenkins Distribution.

Pick your Version

Unless installing on Windows or using a Docker image, a working installation of Java 8 is required.

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