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Aplima is a DevOps consulting firm. Our mission is to help IT organizations with DevOps Transformation and provide training on various open source and enterprise tools. We specialize in helping e-businesses improve efficiency and reliability across their entire software Delivery Life cycle. Regardless of the size of their business, we help our clients maximize the capabilities and the value of their technology organizations.

Deepika Gautam
+1 (669) 241-0797
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ECS Digital

ECS Digital (formerly Forest Technologies) is a leader in automation and digital transformation based out of London, Singapore, and the Pune. We help enterprises deliver software and software related services faster and at a lower cost through the adoption of DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices. Established in 2003, ECS Digital has over 100 customers from startups to enterprises across sectors, including: Finance, Retail, Online Gambling and Telco.

Andy Cureton
+44 (0)207 403 0477


Infostretch provides solutions and services that help enterprises rapidly launch new mobility and connected products initiatives faster, with less risk and greater success. We are entirely focused on enterprise mobility and experts at developing, quality assuring and integrating the latest mobile technologies and connecting them with the enterprise systems that make them work so businesses can:

  • Deploy their mobile initiatives faster and more confidently
  • Drive rapid cycles of continuous improvement
  • Engage more effectively with customers
  • Make employees and partners more productive
  • Leverage valuable data and analytics
Guy Vachtel
+1 (408) 727-1100


Nebulaworks believes that the right way to develop and deliver applications and IT is through DevOps. As a DevOps and cloud consulting firm, Nebulaworks focuses on helping the enterprise address up-skilling teams, building new processes and pipelines, and implementing modern toolchains to build a dynamic and robust IT supply chain. Our Transformative Methodology removes risk, reduces the chance of creating unwanted technical debt and results in superior business alignment. 

Chris Ciborowski
+1 (949) 584-7589
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Open Source Architect

|opensourcearchitect| was formed by enterprise architects and middleware experts who have been working with open source technology for over a decade. This, paired with our experience in enterprise and proprietary technology, makes |opensourcearchitect| an ideal partner. We augment this expertise with our rich background in training and educating professionals on open source software and best practices.

|opensourcearchitect| has managed, led, developed, and deployed solutions for the largest online retail stores, credit card companies, financial institutions and telecom systems using a combination of open source and proprietary technology. If you have purchased merchandise online, made a credit card purchase or a cell phone call, an |opensourcearchitect| has likely worked on that system.

Cole Martin
+1 (972) 559-4672
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Zenika is one of the leading providers of professional Open Source services in Europe. We provide consulting, development, training and support for the world’s leading Open Source software products, with a strong focus on Java and Java EE.

Zenika employs highly-skilled IT professionals, a large number of those being either Open Source committers, book authors, or just bright and passionate people, dealing on a day-to-day basis with real-world challenges. Zenika demonstrates its strong and innovative community-driven spirit by organizing conferences, like the annual Eclipse Day Paris and the What’s Next, the first international Java conference ever organized in France.

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