CloudBees and Google Cloud

CloudBees and Google Cloud Partnership

Cloud marketplaces streamline procurement of development tools, and enterprises are using Google Cloud Platform Marketplace to drive development agility. Accelerate your software delivery with CloudBees solutions on the Google Cloud Platform. CloudBees solutions integrate seamlessly with Google Cloud Platform services to deliver faster time to value and a great experience.

Google Cloud Platform Marketplace Offerings

A single bill for GCP and CloudBees solutions with simplified procurement, billing and management. Deploy easily and spend your time developing, not installing.

CloudBees Core

A proven, fully featured cloud native CI/CD solution. It provides a shared, centrally managed, automated DevOps platform to onboard teams and projects

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CloudBees Accelerator

A build and test acceleration platform for Android AOSP and other make-based build environments. A drop-in replacement for Ninja, CloudBees Accelerator intelligently and automatically parallelizes software tasks across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs to dramatically lower build cycle times by 3-5X.

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CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

A free, fully tested, distribution curated from the most recent supported Jenkins release provides stability, security and seamless upgrades.

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CloudBees Jenkins Support

Access to the expertise you need to ensure success with Jenkins. Get industry leading technical support and maintenance from the the largest group of Jenkins-certified engineers anywhere.

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Native to Google Anthos

Anthos helps accelerate application development through transformational technologies like service mesh, containers, and microservices. Built on open source technologies pioneered by Google—including Kubernetes, Istio, and Knative—Anthos enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments. CloudBees Core leverages deep integrations with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), simplifies management, and adds a layer of security and compliance.

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Key Benefits Include

Scalable and resilient

Deploy software across a diverse set of environments based on Kubernetes. Critical CI/CD pipelines are resilient to failure and available when needed.

Deploy easily

Deploy CloudBees solutions in a few clicks, and simplify procurement, billing and management. Spend less time installing, and more time developing.

Control of pipelines and jobs

Utilize a very sophisticated authorization strategy to reduce risks in software delivery by ensuring credentials and resources are not misused.

CI/CD for all your applications

One CI/CD solution for all your applications - not just modern apps! Develop and deploy regardless of whether apps are cloud native or legacy.

Key Features Include

Leverage Kubernetes & Docker

Autoscales up and down, on-demand, with elasticity at the cluster level. Health checks identify failing pods and spin up replacements as needed.

Simplified management

Clean, elegant, intuitive user experience and centralized management of managed masters. Direct integrations with GKE.

Security and compliance

CloudBees Role-Based Access Control plus additional security features enable permissions to be defined by user, team, agents, folders and jobs.

Support modern and legacy applications

Modern apps can run on cloud native architecture for scalability and elasticity. Legacy apps can also benefit by utilizing the power of Kubernetes for CI/CD workloads.