CloudBees is home to the original architects of Jenkins.

Hosted Jenkins - CloudBees

Jenkins® is the most popular open source automation server, with more than 165,000 active sites, globally, and over 1,650,000 users. It was initially developed by Kohsuke Kawaguchi in 2004. At the time, Kohsuke was a developer at Sun. Kohsuke got tired of breaking builds in his development work and wanted to find a way to know, before committing code to the repository, whether the code was going to work. Jenkins took off, spreading throughout Sun and then ultimately amongst the open source Jenkins community, formed around the Jenkins CI project and led by Kohsuke.

Today, Jenkins is used in organizations all over the world, from lone developers creating a small project as a hobby, to large enterprises using Jenkins to develop and deliver mission-critical software applications. Kohsuke came to CloudBees in 2010 and is CTO.

As open source aficionados ourselves, we love Jenkins and the Jenkins community! Kohsuke and a team of expert Jenkins developers at CloudBees enable us to be strong supporters of the Jenkins open source project. Our Jenkins engineers have written over 80% of the code in the Jenkins core. Any time we fix an issue in Jenkins or any of the community plugins, we donate the code back to the Jenkins project. We have collaborated with the community to develop plugins and other functionality for Jenkins, and then donated the code to the project. Finally, we support the community in other ways, too, by organizing DevOps World | Jenkins World, publishing Continuous Information - the Jenkins newsletter, and aligning ourselves with Services Partners who provide expert Jenkins training and consulting services.

Finally, we offer the CloudBees Suite, containing CloudBees Core, which is powered by Jenkins. However you prefer to work with Jenkins - in the cloud or on-premise - there are several options for utilizing CloudBees solutions to accelerate software delivery.


The registered trademark Jenkins® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Jenkins project and Software in the Public Interest, Inc.