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Announcing certification for Jenkins engineers

Be Recognized for Your Jenkins and CloudBees Expertise!

Attaining certified status means you possess the skills and hands-on experience necessary to implement and use Jenkins®. There are two certifications available:

  • Certified Jenkins Engineer (for proficiency with Jenkins)
  • Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (for proficiency with Jenkins and CloudBees Core)

For Jenkins and CloudBees engineers, earning certification helps you prove a level of proficiency and skill. For managers, hiring Jenkins-certified or CloudBees-certified personnel provides assurance of a documented level of expertise for roles that require Jenkins or CloudBees skills.

To help prepare for certification exams, take the following courses either as self-paced on CloudBees University, through a Certified CloudBees Training Partner, or at DevOps World |Jenkins World.

Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE)

  • Jenkins - Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Pipeline - Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals

Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE)

  • Jenkins - Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Pipeline - Fundamentals
  • Jenkins Administration - Fundamentals
  • CloudBees Core - Fundamentals

Tests can be taken at hundreds of Kryterion test centers around the world. Choosing the Kryterion location, date and time is part of the registration process.

On the day of the exam, go to the test center, sign in and show your photo ID. No laptop will be required, computers are provided at the test centers. You will not be be allowed to use any personal electronic devices during the exam, nor will you be able to access the Internet or refer to notes.

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I have already passed a previous year’s certification exam. Do I now have to take this year’s exam to maintain my certification?

No. Your certification never expires. It is up to you to decide if/when you would like to get a more current Jenkins certification. Please note that unless specifically stated otherwise, each years exams are a continuous evolution of prior years’ certification exams, not a completely new set of exams. This means there may be a significant number of questions common to exams from previous years. Therefore, recent year’s certification may still be a valid indication that you have mastered core knowledge, skills and Jenkins best practices.

Who should take the certification exam?

The Jenkins Engineer and CloudBees Engineer are functional specialists who understand continuous delivery/DevOps best practices and is able to leverage Jenkins features to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery. The prescribed training courses and experience are both essential to fully prepare for either test.

How was this job profile defined?

The job profile definition is the result of a collaborative effort by the Certification Advisory Board. The board is comprised of six members, made up of representatives from the Jenkins community, CloudBees customers and partners as well as CloudBees management, including Kohsuke Kawaguchi, founder and lead of the Jenkins project.

What is the difference between Certified Jenkins Engineer and Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer?

The Certified Jenkins Engineer exam focuses on Jenkins open source features. The Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam includes additional questions related to specific features of the CloudBees Core, including things like: CloudBees Operations Center, Role-Based Access Control, Templates and other functionality.

How can I prepare for the exam?

Depending on which certification you are interested in testing for, please complete the prescribed training and practice the lab exercises. You should also work with Jenkins (and CloudBees for CCJE) to gain experience - training alone will not prepare you for either exam. Self-paced courses are free on CloudBees University or for-a-fee instructor-led training through authorized training partners.

Do I need to take both exams to prove expertise on open source Jenkins and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise?

No, taking and passing the Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam means you have proven expertise in both areas.

Will I be certified if I pass? What will determine my passing or failing? Will I be notified (pass/fail) on the day of the exam?

Candidates taking the exam who achieve a passing score will be notified at the end of the exam. Therefore, you will know right away if you passed or not. Once you complete the exam, it is immediately scored and you will receive your result at the test location. Every Monday, we send certificates via email to all candidates who successfully passed the previous week. The email includes a link to your official certificate (pdf). You will be able to use that link on your personal website or social media network accounts. For Linkedin, we will actually provide an option in your notification email that will automatically create a new entry in your resume’s certification section.

How long is the certification valid?

There is no expiration date. It is up to each individual to define when they should update their certification. We plan to maintain exam questions on an annual basis. Therefore, each certificate includes the year of certification with its corresponding study guide. It will be clear when the certification exam was taken and what topics were covered at that time.

Where can I find Kryterion’s test locations?

You can find a list of test locations here. Selecting the closest Kryterion test center is part of the registration process. Once you click on the Register Now button (above), you will be redirected to the certification registration website. At the end of the registration process, you will be able to search for a test center near you and pick a date and time that work for you. Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the sign-up process.

How long will I need to wait to retake the exam if I don’t pass?

You can retake the exam anytime. However, we strongly recommend you review your exam results before deciding when to retake it. A review will enable you to identify key areas of improvement to work on, before attempting the exam again. You can then structure time to learn and apply your learning in these areas. Once you are confident of your knowledge, re-take the exam.

How do I get my test results?

The exam results show up on your test workstation at the end of the exam and are simultaneously emailed to you.

Example of Overall Scoring:

Your overall score is based on the number of questions you answered correctly, out of 60 total questions for the Certified Jenkins Engineer exam. For the Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam, your overall score is the number of questions answered correctly out of a total of 90 questions. For example, if you answer 40 out of 60 questions correctly on the CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam, your score would be 66%.

Topic-Level Scoring:
You will have individual scores for each major category of the exam. Again, the percentage is based on the number of questions answered correctly out of the total number of questions in each area.

1. Key CI/CD/Jenkins concepts: xx.xx%

2. Jenkins usage: xx.xx%

3. Building continuous delivery pipelines: xx.xx%

4. Continuous delivery as code, best practices: xx.xx%

5. CloudBees Core: xx.xx%

Result: PASS or FAIL

What is the passing score?

For both exams, the minimum passing score is 66%. Note that the passing score might change over time, based on the evolution of the exam questions.

What is the exam cost if I have to retake it?

The fee is the same as the initial fee ($150).

How many questions do I have to answer for each exam?

The Certified Jenkins Engineer exam includes 60 questions. The Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer exam includes 30 additional questions dedicated to CloudBees Core capabilities, for a total of 90 questions. In both exams, you’ll get five additional questions that do not count towards your score. These are new questions that we plan to include in the official pool of questions in the future. We are currently beta testing them, first, in order to validate their relevance.

What is the duration of the exam?

You will have 1.5 hours to answer the Certified Jenkins Engineer exam questions and two hours for the Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer questions. Please be sure to arrive at the test site 15 minutes before the start time of your exam.

How do you track the test duration?

When your exam starts, a timer will show up on your screen, indicating how much time is left. Once the time is up, the system will lock down preventing you from continuing past the allotted time.

How much time do I need to schedule at the test center?

Please make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the exam’s start time. See above for test duration.

What is the cost?

The customary certification exam fee is $150.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

You don’t need to bring your laptop, computers will be provided by the test center.

If any questions, please contact us at

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