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CI/CD for Financial Services

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Liberate developers, apply best practices and innovate faster! Evaluate your progress with “Measuring, Managing & Mastering DevOps Performance In Financial Services.”

Using CI/CD to Wow Customers

To help you accelerate innovation in software delivery, our customers share IT transformation success stories in “CI/CD in the Financial Services Industry.”

World-Class Software Delivery

Agile development and DevOps principles help provide safe, speedy and reliable services unique to the industry. Read “Why Financial Tech Companies Need DevOps” to discover best practices.

Mastering Software Delivery in the Financial Industry

Speed of software development is critical in the financial services sector. Firms that fall behind the competition in bringing out innovative new applications that enhance the customer experience are likely to miss out on tremendous opportunities for business growth. By following best practices, deploying open source solutions, and leveraging DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery in an agile environment, banks and other finance companies can create world-class software delivery processes that will provide a sharp competitive edge for years to come.

More Automation. Less Frustration.

Whether or not your organization is in the Fortune 100, the benefits of DevOps transformation are vast. And CloudBees is here to accelerate your business app delivery standardization. We’ve helped financial firms, like yours:

  • Focus on application development, not infrastructure
  • Automate 90% of pipelines
  • Increase release frequency by 600%
  • Identify critical areas for improvement
  • Reduce time for code fixes, defect spotting, and remediation
  • Secure and retain top developer talent
  • Proactively manage governance and security

“Because of the introduction of CloudBees, the teams have been able to deliver in a faster way and deliver higher quality.”

Stefan Simenon
Head of COE Software Developement & Tooling ABN AMRO

Introducing CloudBees Core

CloudBees provides flexibility, visibility and insights. That allows you to measure, manage, and optimize your software delivery pipelines.

Enable Security and Compliance

Utilize a sophisticated authorization strategy to reduce risks to software delivery by ensuring credentials and resources are not misused. Create compliance without hindering agility.

Unconstrained Flexibility

Regardless of what type of application you are delivering - Java, mainframe, .NET - CloudBees Core is the one CI/CD solution for all your application environments.

Scale to Many Teams

Go beyond physical scaling and drive collaboration among teams, easily propagating best practices. Offer a central CD as a Service across your organization, reducing the admin burden.

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