With the large number of DevOps practitioners that have already implemented or are transitioning to a container based approach to software delivery, the team behind the industry leading Application Release Orchestration solution has made containers a centerpiece of the latest release.

In CloudBees Flow 9.2, we are continuing our mission of enhancing the customer experience by making Flow even easier and more intuitive to install and use for business success.

Join Gabriel Martinez and Avantika Mathur from the CloudBees product team as they discuss new features in the Flow 9.2 release including how to:

  • Easily install and manage the Flow architecture in containers on Kubernetes
  • Seamlessly export DSL in directory structures that make editing and maintaining your automation as code uncomplicated
  • Monitor large release hierarchies and dynamically attach and remove pipelines from a release in the new, scalable Release Portfolio List view
  • Define schedules to delete objects from Flow to maintain system size and performance
  • Save time and resources by copying existing Release Command Center configurations