17 Jan 2019

Hi All,

Happy New Year! It’s been awhile since our last online meetup. To highlight some of the cool stuff our Jenkins contributors has been working on, we’ve asked Dr. Ullrich Hafner to share with us his latest project on the next generation warning plugins for Jenkins which is quite impressive as it dramatically improve user experience for static analysis results.

TIME: 9:00AM Pacific | 12:00PM Eastern | 17:00 UTC
WHERE: Youtube Live - link will be provide here before the event.

Here is the abstract from Dr. Hafner:
My static analysis suite consists of several plugins that help development teams to visualize the quality of their software artifacts. In this talk, I will present the new major release of my static analysis suite. This so-called White Mountains release improves the user experience in an analogous, revolutionary way, just as Blue Ocean improves the overall user experience of Jenkins.

Topics that this talk will cover:
- New features to create highly configurable pipelines that gather static analysis results
- New responsive UI that is a joy to use (by utilizing modern JS frameworks)
- New parser API that supports almost 100 analysis tools

Blog: https://jenkins.io/blog/2018/09/11/speaker-blog-warnings-plugin/

A little bit about Dr. Ullrich Hafner
Ullrich Hafner is a professor for Software Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. He has been developing software products for almost thirty years. Since 2007 he is an active committer in the Jenkins project (e.g. in the acceptance test harness) and the main developer of the award winning static code analysis suite. In his role as professor he wins new Jenkins contributors by letting students develop new features in their student projects and theses.