In today’s competitive Android and Linux device market, if your product teams are not able to deliver high-quality devices faster than your competition, you will lose to someone who can.

Watch this webinar recording to discover how CloudBees Accelerator gets you from concept to learning (and product release) faster by shrinking Android and Embedded Linux development and test cycles by 3X or more. For example, in the month of May 2019 alone our customers saved over 3.4 MILLION hours of developer time across 420,000 builds. Said another way, they crammed 400 years worth of iterations into just 30 calendar days.

In the informative webinar, we’ll discuss important features of CloudBees Accelerator that make it a perfect solution for device manufacturers:

-Out of the box acceleration for GNU Make, Ninja, BitBake, and buildroot

-Drop-in Support for Android, now compatible with Google’s upcoming Android Q release

-Cloud bursting into AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform to optimize build infrastructure costs while insuring blazing fast performance.