Are disconnected DevOps and ITIL/ITSM practices and tooling slowing you down on your journey to continuous delivery?

Join Jeroen Boks (CIO, TOPdesk), Sam Fell (AVP Marketing, CloudBees) and Gabriel Martinez (Product Marketing, CloudBees) as they describe how Software Delivery Management practices transformed TOPdesk’s own Service Desk from the “Department of No!” into the “Department of Go” by successfully marrying DevOps and ITSM together.

In this webinar learn:

  • How a shared data model and unified tool chain ensures rapid feedback for all stakeholders
  • How model-driven, refactorable pipelines helped TOPdesk simplify product architecture while providing better overall service
  • How automation and visibility reduced release cycles from 9 months to 2 weeks (with a goal of 15 minutes)