30 Jan 2020

Learn to create and run Declarative Pipelines with Jenkins. You’ll learn the structure of Declarative Pipeline, how to control the flow of execution, how to save artifacts of the build, and get practice using some of the features that give fit and finish to your Pipeline. The course consists of lectures with follow-along labs plus lab exercises that allow you to practice what you have learned.

Course Objectives

After completing this training module, you should understand the following:

• How to create, run, analyze, and save a Declarative Pipeline using the Blue Ocean Editor and the Blue Ocean text editor

• Understand the structure of a Declarative Pipeline, including the role of thestage, step, agent, and post sections

• How to control the flow of execution in a Declarative Pipeline

• How to preserve and use files created by the build and test activities

• Understand Pipeline capabilities that provide fit and finish to your Pipeline


AM snack will be served.


• Beginner and intermediate Developers, QA/Build & Release/DevOps Engineers, and Architects