The journey to realizing DevOps in any organization is fraught with a number of obstacles for developers and other stakeholders. These challenges are often caused by key CI/CD practices being misunderstood, partially implemented or even completely skipped. Now, as the industry positions itself to build on DevOps practices with a Software Delivery Management strategy, it’s more important than ever that we implement CI/CD best practices, and prepare for the future.

Join host Mitchell Ashely, and CloudBees’ Brian Dawson, DevOps evangelist, and Doug Tidwell, technical marketing director, as they explore and review the CI/CD best practices which serve as your stepping stones to DevOps and a successful Software Delivery Management strategy.

The webinar will cover CI/CD best practices including:

-Containers and environment management

-Continuous delivery or deployment

-Movement from Dev to Ops

By the end of the webinar, you’ll understand the key steps for implementing CI/CD and powering your journey to DevOps and beyond.