You may have heard the news that CloudBees recently acquired Electric Cloud, adding release management and build/test acceleration capabilities to our CloudBees software delivery framework.

Teams are using Jenkins, ElectricFlow (now CloudBees Flow) and ElectricAccelerator (now CloudBees Accelerator) together to provide:

  • A single source of truth to connect development to production
  • Production-quality pipeline audit, compliance and approval management
  • Deep pipeline analytics and tool chain historical data to continuously improve release performance
  • Best practices, training, professional services and support across your entire DevOps journey

Watch this webinar recording with Shawn Ahmed (VP of Product Marketing) and Anders Wallgren (VP of Technology) as they demonstrate how organizations are already using these best-of-breed solutions together today, and discuss how we will evolve the products to simplify and accelerate software delivery for Dev and Ops teams in the future!