In the first part of this webinar we learned how we can administer masters in CloudBees Core by relying on the Operations Center for cluster-wide configurations, operations, shared resource management and even master provisioning when deployed in Kubernetes. Having a central authority like the Operations Center in your cluster allows you to manage a distributed pipeline architecture where teams can have their own master. As pipelines increase and teams get onboarded, it can be challenging to ensure that all teams follow the same pipeline standards. Furthermore, it is ideal to share these common pipeline patterns to avoid replicating effort across teams. In this webinar we will discuss how you can use CloudBees Core features to help facilitate providing existing pipelines to new teams and increase collaboration and automation between masters.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

* Architect a Distributed Pipeline Architecture using a sample application and CloudBees Core in Kubernetes

* Create a pipeline template catalog in GitHub that can be reused

* Use custom marker files to provide pipelines to new teams

* Use cross-team collaboration to trigger pipelines based on events in different masters