We’re excited to share the results of this year’s’ DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey. This concludes the 5th year of this survey which means we have enough trending data to do a meaningful retrospective on how DevOps and the Jenkins Community have evolved. We’ve taken the time to survey your peers in the Jenkins Community and beyond to help you better understand the unfolding DevOps landscape. These historical insights along with a more concentrated focus on DevOps maturity and adoption in this years’ survey have helped us formulate some predictions we know you’ll find interesting.

Join us to gain the insights of 5 years and over 5000 responses and you will discover:

  • How widely CI, CD and DevOps have been adopted and how mature organizations really are.
  • The tools the community has chosen to support their cloud and cloud-native applications
  • How the introduction of pipelines is affecting developer velocity and productivity.
  • Our take on the feedback received in the open ended question  “Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share with the community?”

This is your chance to hear what the collective voice of the community is experiencing in their DevOps journey.