About CloudBees

We’re a globally distributed team of passionate bees working to power the continuous economy

Open Source is in Our DNA...

Many of our founders and leaders are veterans of open source projects and grew them into industry icons. Some of those projects today power digital businesses and software engineering around the globe. They're doing it again at CloudBees!

Sacha Labourey
CEO & Co-founder
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
Chief Scientist
Creator of Jenkins
James Strachan
Distinguished Engineer
Spike Washburn
Chief Architect

...and Growth Motivates Us

We’re also driven by a passion to grow companies that enable market transformations and revolutionize how technologists work. From Splunk to CodeShip, our leaders have the background to trust with your most critical pipelines!

Christina Noren
Strategic Product Advisor
Moritz Plassnig
VP of Cloud
Ben Willams
VP of Product Management
Susan Lally
VP of Engineering
Anthony Palladino
Senior VP of Worldwide
Sales & Field Operations
André Pino
VP of Marketing
Matt Parson
Chief Financial Officer
François Déchery
Chief Strategy
Officer & Co-founder
Laurence Poussot
Chief Accounting Officer &
International Operations
James Brown
VP of Customer Success

...We Have a Vision for Powering the Continuous Economy

We're building for the ever-accelerating world that relies on software as the fabric of innovation. A world where from light bulbs to super-humans, developer creativity yields value, system stability yields trust and the winners master both.

Our Lead Investors and Advisors

Bob Bickel |
Technology Entrepreneur and Coach
David Skok |
Matrix Partners
John Vrionis |
Unusual Ventures &
Lightspeed Venture
Dan Williams |
Delta-v Capital
Edouard Bugnion |
Vice-President, Information Systems at EPFL
Michel Goossens |
Rob Sverbilov |
Golub Capital Late Stage Lending
Jeffrey Black |
Verizon Ventures
Charles Peters |

A Global Team

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