The Hartford

The Hartford Gives Back Time and Control to Developers to Innovate Faster for Policyholders

The Hartford modernizes software development capabilities with CloudBees Core to deliver features to policyholders faster and more securely while giving developers more time to innovate. Ken D’Auria, Director, Application Engineering, led an effort to modernize The Hartford’s toolset.

“How do we modernize our capabilities to provide our developers with a feeling of engagement, a feeling of control and a feeling that they’re really making a difference at the end of the day. We went to products like CloudBees so we can actually get developers to be able to be more innovative in their development,” D’Auria says. “As we’ve increased the number of builds, we’ve reduced our build time by 50 percent.” 

CloudBees takes the noise out of the process and lets developers spend more time developing code.
Ken D'Auria
Director, Application Engineering