WELCOME: Jim McLoughlin as VP of Sales

Since the CloudBees adventure started, a little over a year ago, we’ve made very fast progress and delivered the only end-to-end, develop-to-deploy, Java PaaS on the market, available in GA.

But our progress hasn’t been solely on the product side, we’ve also made considerable steps forward on the business side with - for example - the recent addition of Josh Allen to the team. Today, we are announcing a key hire: Jim McLoughlin is joining CloudBees as VP of Sales.

Finding the proper profile for this position has been an interesting challenge. We wanted somebody who understands developers on one hand, who understands enterprises on the other, and, since we are in the cloud era, somebody who also perfectly masters the SaaS no-touch/low-touch business models. Furthermore, since the cloud is a nascent market, I wanted somebody with substantial “depth.”

Thanks to his past experiences at Borland, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and more recently Appirio, Jim has this unique mix of skills, and I am very proud to have him part of the team.

Oh, and stay tuned, some additional product and business announcements are coming up shortly. In the meantime, don’t forget to register to our end-to-end PaaS webinar on Wednesday next week!

Welcome Jim!



Sacha Labourey, CEO