Meet the Bees: Patrick O'Hannigan

In every Meet the Bees blog post, you’ll learn more about a different CloudBees Bee. Let’s buzz on over to our Raleigh, North Carolina office and meet Patrick O’Hannigan.

Patrick O’Hannigan
Who are you? What is your role at CloudBees?
I am Patrick O’Hannigan. As of this writing, I’m the designated Documentation Guy for engineering, although my work also overlaps with product management. I’m here for writing, editing, documentation policy-making, UX design, extra hands on simple QA assignments and pestering our Jenkins experts in the interest of knowledge development. It’s a blast!

What makes CloudBees different from other companies?
All of us Bees seem to care about what we’re doing, and about helping each other. That’s refreshing and it is reinforced by company culture.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My day usually involves varying amounts of research, writing, editing, problem solving, reviewing GitHub pull requests from other contributors and spelunking through HipChat rooms for useful information that always comes up in team discussions there.

What do you think the future holds for Jenkins?
I think the future holds an even bigger footprint in the DevOps space as initiatives like Declarative Pipeline make Jenkins even more friendly for non-developers that it already is. We know there are different personas out there, and we’re appealing to more of them.

What is your favorite form of social media and why?
I like LinkedIn because it’s less of a distraction than Facebook, and because one of my contacts there has become a friend even though we aren’t likely to meet anytime soon. Plus I won a contest on LinkedIn and got a free book as my prize.

Something we all have in common these days is the constant use of technology. What’s your favorite gadget and why?
I have an older Android-based smartphone and I’m old-school enough to appreciate how it lets me keep in touch with people I care about.

Vanilla or chocolate or some other flavor, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor and brand?
Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey feels like the original counter-cultural flavor. (It’s only competition for that title in my head would be Cherry Garcia.)