Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees 1.1 Generally Available Today

Late last year with the release of Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees, we announced a game changer in the world of Jenkins. It acts as the operations hub for multiple Jenkins[a] in an organization, letting them easily share resources like slaves and security. We have been busy ever since improving the product and helping customers bring it in-house.

I am happy to announce the release of a new version of Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees - version 1.1. The pièce de résistance is the monitoring[1] feature, which lets administrators monitor multiple Jenkins that are connected to Jenkins Operations Center. In addition to SSH slaves, Jenkins Operations Center supports windows (JNLP) slaves[2], an often requested feature. The on-boarding experience for Jenkins into Jenkins Operations Center has been made easier. Finally, we released a new type of higher throughput slaves (called NIO SSH slaves)[3] in Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees as a result of our focus on scalability improvements.

Let me quickly introduce you to the monitoring and alerting feature (released in Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees) which is available on Jenkins Operations Center. The monitoring plugin on an individual master provides a standard dashboard that includes a mechanism to see if a master is overloaded by providing insight into memory, system load, file descriptors and web response times. The plugin also gives insight into build queue metrics like the build queue length, build duration, build scheduling rate and executors available for builds. Administrators can set alerts via emails for thresholds exceeding pre-determined values. On Jenkins Operations Center, the monitoring plugin consolidates information across all client masters in a cluster. Thus, administrators can quickly determine the masters that need attention.

Jenkins Operations Center

If you haven’t tried Jenkins Operations Center, now is the time to download it and Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees and give them a spin[7 & 8].

[a] Jenkins should be upgraded to Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees

Additional information

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[2] JNLP slaves on Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees
[3] NIO SSH slaves
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