Jenkins Operations and Continuous Delivery @Scale with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Continuous Delivery @Scale 

Lately, there has been a tremendous buzz in the Jenkins open source community about the release of the Workflow feature. The Workflow feature enables organizations to build complex, enterprise-ready continuous delivery pipelines. I am particularly excited as native support for pipelines in Jenkins was one of the most common requests I have encountered from enterprise (and small) users. You can read about the OSS Workflow GA announcement here.

I am pleased to announce that CloudBees is delivering additional features built on top of OSS Jenkins that help enterprises use the Workflow features to implement continuous delivery pipelines.

The Workflow Stage View feature helps teams visualise the flow and performance of their pipelines. So, for example, a manager can look at a pipeline and easily drill into the performance of a particular stage or a developer can look at the pipeline and see how far in the pipelines their commits have traversed.

Workflow Stage View

The Checkpoint feature enables recovery from both infrastructure or Jenkins failures. In the event of a failure, the pipeline can be started from any of the previous successful checkpoints, instead of from the beginning. This is extremely valuable in the case of long-running builds that may take hours or days to run. 

Jenkins Workflow is a technological leap to help organizations build out continuous delivery pipelines and I urge you to check it out. 

Jenkins Operations @Scale 
Late last year, we announced Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees - a game changer in the world of Jenkins. It acts as the operations hub for multiple Jenkins in an organization, letting them easily share resources like slaves and security.

I am happy to announce the release of a new version of Jenkins Operations Center by CloudBees - version 1.6. This release has two significant features: 

Cluster Operations simplifies the management of Jenkins by allowing one operational command to simultaneously act on a group of Jenkins masters, versus administering individual masters. Cluster Operations includes actions such as: starting/ restarting client masters, installing and upgrading plugins and upgrading the Jenkins core.

CloudBees Jenkins Analytics provides operational insight into Jenkins performance. Performance aspects include Jenkins-specific build and executor performance across a cluster of masters and standard JVM-based performance metrics. CloudBees Jenkins Analytics also make the monitoring of multiple masters easier by adding a number of new graphs that show performance for build queues and persistence for views across master restarts. The feature also includes new visualization graphs built in Kibana and ElasticSearch, delivering the ability to quickly drill down into individual client performances.  


CloudBees Jenkins Analytics
Performance Analytics


Build Jenkins Analytics
Build Analytics

Join our webinar 10 December 2014 about Workflow, and one on Jenkins Operations @Scale on 17 December to learn more. 

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- Harpreet Singh
vice president, product management