Docker + Jenkins Presentations

JUC Presentations:

  • Bringing CD at Cloud-Scale with Jenkins, Docker and “Tiger”
    by Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Harpreet Singh, CloudBees (U.S. East) [slides] [video]
  • Scaling Your Jenkins Master with Docker 
    by Christophe Muller, Wyplay (Europe) [slides] [video]
  • Docker at HP (next generation of development environment, continuous integration & delivery)
    by Adam Spektor, HP (Israel) [slides] [video]
  • Unified Infra for Dev/Test and Jenkins Integration Testing (Docker/Vagrant)
    by Maxim Guenis, Supersonic (Israel) [slides] [video]
  • CI in the Docker World
    by Eli Oxman, Alooma (Israel) [slides] [video]

Other Event Presentations

Past Meetups: