CloudBees Jenkins Distribution Adds Stability and Security to Your Jenkins Environment


CloudBees Jenkins Distribution is now available to download and it’s completely free! It provides development teams with a highly dependable, secure, Jenkins environment built on the most recent supported Jenkins Long-Term Support (LTS) release. Using CloudBees Jenkins Distribution along with a subscription to CloudBees Jenkins Support from your Jenkins experts here at CloudBees makes your experience even better! Download today.

Every organization wants higher agility with improved continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) capabilities. That’s why a large and a growing community of developers, testers, and designers see Jenkins as a preferred solution. In last year’s DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey, around 87% of organizations practicing CD reported that they use Jenkins Pipeline to define their software delivery pipelines. That’s a pretty awesome statistic, if I do say so myself.

One of the primary reasons for Jenkins popularity is its extensibility. There is no solution more flexible than Jenkins. Developers can use numerous plugins to define their pipelines and that’s certainly part of the overall attraction. However, Jenkins plugins offer a double-edged sword; the plugin abundance adds a layer of complexity for new and existing users. 

Devlopers using Jenkins EnvironmentIt is not easy to choose the right plugins and keep track of your available upgrades and version dependencies. Many of these plugins, if not installed or upgraded properly can break a pipeline. So, as powerful as plugins are, they can be tricky and cause problems. That’s no secret.

In a recent survey, 76% of DevOps professionals admitted that even though they are often tasked to handle security, they lack tools for the purpose. This means DevOps professionals are often overworked handling multiple responsibilities. It is not possible for them to manually verify the compatibility, stability and usability of all the plugins in their Jenkins installations. As a result, organizations are often at risk of installing unstable plugins and function-breaking updates between versions. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to receive alerts on potential security concerns and keep your plugins safe and sound?

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution solves these challenges for DevOps teams and organizations who seek to improve their CI/CD capabilities. CloudBees Jenkins Distribution provides a highly dependable, secure, Jenkins environment built on the most recent supported Jenkins Long-Term Support (LTS) release, which is thoroughly tested by CloudBees. Moreover, it is completely free to download and use. 

How does CloudBees Jenkins Distribution add value?

With CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, teams will get monthly updates to ensure they are using the latest in Jenkins. All these updates are tested and verified by CloudBees, which means teams can safely install them, without facing any risks or potential outages. It also offers security fixes to counter any vulnerabilities and threats. Developers currently using Jenkins LTS can also upgrade to CloudBees Jenkins Distribution, allowing everyone to make the most of the solution.

Some of the highlights of CloudBees Jenkins Distribution:

  • Simple setup.  An automated setup helps teams get started quickly. By simplifying the initial setup, CloudBees Jenkins Distribution puts users on a stable and secure path to do CI/CD faster.
  • Higher stability.  Teams can rest assured that they are working within a highly secure Jenkins environment. The environment is optimized for higher stability with the most recent supported Jenkins release, and plugins are regularly checked for security updates.
  • Seamless upgrades.  Teams do not have to worry about a failed Jenkins upgrade breaking their pipelines. With the CloudBees Assurance Program and Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant, teams get seamless upgrades with verified upgrade paths.

And if you’re trying to get the most out of your Jenkins, don’t forget about CloudBees Jenkins Support. Using the CloudBees Jenkins Distribution in parallel with CloudBees Jenkins Support makes your experience even better.

Solution components

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution includes a set of featured plugins which are proprietary to CloudBees:

  • Cloudbees Jenkins Advisor. Periodically scans support bundles for potential issues and recommends updates to the CloudBees Jenkins Distribution instance. Teams can receive the recommendations in the form of a report via email; learn more.
  • CloudBees Assurance Program. Automatically monitors and modifies CloudBees Jenkins Distribution plugins along with their versions and dependencies for compatibility and security. Teams can rely on the collection of plugins in the CloudBees Assurance Program, as the plugins and dependencies are thoroughly tested and verified by CloudBees experts; learn more.
  • Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant. Provides an administrative dashboard to the CloudBees Assurance Program, helping teams get a centralized view of all their CloudBees Jenkins Distribution plugins with recommended actions and configuration options; learn more.

CloudBees is committed to continually improving the CloudBees Jenkins Distribution experience for its customers, as well as for the Jenkins community. CloudBees Jenkins Distribution will allow teams to harness the true potential of their Jenkins installations with much-improved agility, simplicity and peace of mind. Dive in and check out how CloudBees Jenkins Distribution can help get your code to production faster!

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